In Times of Plenty

By Sr. Nun Other

I’m rethinking my personal definition of times of plenty. It isn’t about having, getting, or owning.  It isn’t about money or the best of anything. It’s about the presence of God’s love, protection and care.

I’m enjoying a time of plenty and here’s some practical evidence: recently, along with two more sisters (and the generosity of others), I went to Fenway Park. It was a perfect game day, blue skies and a comfortable seventy-one degrees. Our drive to Boston was uneventful until we searched for a parking place. I’m not good in traffic. I sit in the back by popular demand and have to ask the driver permission to speak. “Do you want me to tell you that you almost hit a pole?” That sort of thing. We pulled from bumper to bumper traffic into a lot. The attendant quoted a price ten dollars higher than anticipated and announced they only took credit cards. As sisters, we don’t carry them. Except this time . . Enter God’s love . .  one of us had a VISA Gift Card she’d been given for her birthday. That worked. Next we went to dinner and ordered specialty burgers. I specified that I didn’t want the caramelized onions. When our orders arrived, I immediately noted onions among my mushrooms and Boursin cheese. The waiter noticed also and offered me a new burger. I thanked him but said I’d just pick them out, no problem. When he brought the bill, he told us my dinner was free. We recouped the extra $10 for parking. The game included amazing defensive plays, outstanding pitching and a Red Sox win, more rare this season than last.

Perhaps these sound like small things. Perhaps they are. But right now, for whatever reason, I’m especially cognizant of God’s presence in my life. Work problems, strained relationships, things simply beyond my ability to control rest in his hands. When I admit my need and recognize my complete inadequacy, I grow in faith and trust.




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