Maundy Thursday

Several weeks ago, I was helping one of our older sisters who has Alzheimer’s dress for the day.

As I changed her slippers and socks I was struck with the profound privilege it is to care for the needs of another person. Often when I care for her I have to slow down my spirit and turn my attention away from myself — so, on this day, I knew that this insight came from the Holy Spirit.

I shared this with a friend who has several home care jobs, and she agreed that there is something sacred about meeting the simple needs of another human who is dependent upon you.

This is something that I’ll be meditating on as I go to the Maundy Thursday service and foot-washing at our church tonight. We’ll join with Pope Francis and Christians the world over serving one another in this symbolic act that reflects the charity that Christ calls us to.

Evidence of Spring

Daffodil outside our front doorAfter a long winter, our blog is coming out of hibernation!

Outside our front door there is a tiny patch of daffodils, a little stunted by too many snows, peeking out reminding us that spring has truly begun.

Inside, the spring new releases have been pouring in, and we couldn’t be more excited! Just today we just received The Rule of Taize, (our first bilingual book) a treasury of wisdom for anyone seeking to live in harmony with others and with God.