Spoiled with Riches

The church is full of so many riches.  After morning Lauds and Eucharist, I’m asking myself, “why do we so settle for so little?”  Beautiful prayers, full of profound and extraordinary possibilities, mystery and hope roll off our tongues. But I know at crossroads throughout the day, the prayers and beliefs I’ve just spoke will be temporarily sidelined. I’ll forget to include God moment by moment in the conversations of the day and will settle for less then He would give me.  Pope Benedict XVI once wrote, “Only when the future is certain as a positive reality does it become possible to live the present as well.”  Our faith in the promises of heaven and God’s intended future for us, gives us every reason to smile today. We have countless examples gone before us of the power and might of God; the bible’s many heroes and heroines of faith, over 2000 years of history since Christ’s coming and we have each other. We must not forget the transfiguring hope God brings us each day, for as In the wisdom of St. Benedict, “each day we begin again.”  Let us not brush aside the routine treasures of our faith, for they have the capacity to give rich value and meaning to our every moment.


Lord God of power and Might
Nothing is good which is against your will, 
And all is of value which comes from your hand.
Place in our hearts a desire to please you
And fill our minds with insight into love,
So that every thought may grow in wisdom
And all our efforts may be filled with your peace.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


nov 4

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