Finding Words of Healing

Words of healing coloring book

When the spirit or body needs healing, creative resources can bring peace to those who are ill and their family members.  For years Paraclete Press has provided grief and bereavement care materials to hospices, churches and funeral homes in the form of video and book resources.

Now we also have Words of Healing – A Coloring Book to Comfort and Inspire. This is a meditative coloring book with words of healing, prayer and comfort,  paired with scripture verses and a letter to color.

Last year, one of our employees stood by his brother’s side as he battled brain cancer. Simple, strong scriptures were an anchor for him.  Creative outlets were important for both him and his brother as they travelled a challenging road. He experienced firsthand the importance of spiritual strength as a much-needed friend  on the journey through the life-threatening illness and, ultimately, the death of a loved one. His experience became the inspiration for this book.

Words of Healing is also available in a coloring book / CD set, paired with the music of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.


What is the purpose of art?

New from Paraclete Press!

“Why is there inside man the desire, even the burden, to create? What is the source of this desire?…May a Christian devote his life to the creation or study of music, painting, literature, and the other arts? Are the arts dangerous to the spiritual life?”   From Chapter 1

“Thousands owe to this giant of Wheaton their ability to hear literary voices with Gospel-tuned ears.” — Jeremy Begbie, Professor of Theology, Duke Divinity School

Beauty, art and aesthetic are being embraced and discussed by Christians of all denominations and indeed people of faith from many different traditions. This volume will introduce a new generation to the work and influence of Clyde Kilby who, more than fifty years ago, was an apologist ahead of his time.

“Now a new generation has the chance to experience the sparkle, wit, aesthetic insight, and deep Christian commitment that made Kilby such an unusually captivating teacher. . . his words remain a true inspiration.”
—Mark A. Noll, author and Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

Dr. Clyde S. Kilby  (1902–1986) was a Professor of English at Wheaton College and founder of the Marion E. Wade Center, a research center including a collection of materials by Inklings authors.

Publicity roundup!

Some of our favorite book reviewers have been doing what they do best, and we’re the proud recipients of several wonderful reviews. Here is a taste of the most recent and best:

All Creation WaitsAll Creation Waits – Author Gayle Boss was a featured guest blogger on Krista Tippett’s On Being blog. You can read that post here.

The Paraclete Poetry Anthology was featured in the Chicago Tribune today, in a weekly round up of religion titles. Barbara Mahaney said: “Consider this a short course for the soul. Or, perhaps, the syllabus to last a lifetime. . .

Paraclete Poetry AnthologyGathered here we find selected and new poems from a contemplative monk or three, an Episcopal priest, a rabbi, a protege of Thomas Merton, an Iranian-German poet, a theologian, a flock of English professors, and poets from Ireland, Poland, West Virginia and Tennessee. Tucked amid the poets’ roster, we find Rainer Maria Rilke, considered one of the most lyrically intense German-language poets, in new and previous translations by Burrows.

You’ll wear out the pages and the binding before you’re ever ready to put down this book.”


Charles of the DesertWe also had a wonderful mention on “The Millions” for Charles of the Desert: A Life in Verseas part of Nick Ripatrizone’s Year in Reading. “Each year I read more books than I can possibly review — here are. . . the finest and most memorable of that bunch. They are worth your money, your time, and your attention.

Beautiful verse, full of pieces like “The Pangs of Wanting:” “I deliver my body to the church, / though I cannot imagine what penance might relieve / these pangs of wanting.” Later: “I take first communion…My tongue licks up the bread: a whisper / of paper on my teeth…His torn body in my stomach, / his blood in my spit, I almost vomit; I almost sing.” More collections about God like this one would be very welcomed.”

A “brilliant” introduction to the Inklings writers

well-of-wonder-e-mail-5Just in and currently only available from Paraclete Press is A Well of Wonder: Essays on C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and the Inklings by Clyde S. Kilby (Professor of English at Wheaton College and founder of the Marion E. Wade Center, a research center including a collection of materials by Inklings authors.)

“Clyde Kilby opened the door on beauty and put us in the hands of a whole set of wise, holy, and imaginative guides.” — from the Introduction by Loren Wilkinson

Listen to an excerpt from the chapter “Into the Land of the Imagination” on C. S. Lewis and how The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe came to be.

Listen here

This book is a brilliant introduction to the themes of themes of myth, theology, and imagination in the fiction and prose of the Inklings writers!

All Creation Waits – Stunning, for Advent


Looking for something new this Advent?

This December, reach for a truly beautiful and unique Advent companion! In this book are twenty-five fresh images of the foundational truth of the Christ story. Portraits depicting how wild animals of North America ingeniously adapt when darkness and cold descend allow us to see and hear, as if for the first time, the ancient wisdom of Advent: The dark is not an end but a doorway to a new beginning.

“Each of the beautiful creatures in this little book is a unique word of God, its own metaphor. . . they announce the Good News of Advent: that through every dark door the creating Love of the universe waits.” — Richard Rohr, OFM

Short, daily reflections that paint vivid, poetic images of familiar animals, paired with charming original woodcuts, will engage both children and adults — a wonderful gift!

A Spiritual Odyssey

path-revealed-e-mail-header-1Just days after turning fifty, Martha Maddux is told she has Alzheimer’s disease. As Martha and Carlen navigate this new alien world, their faith is challenged and they experience spiritual transformation – the “journey from a conventional faith to a stunningly real relationship with God.”

A Path Revealed is a deep spiritual memoir. As Carlen seeks healing for his wife, he encounters God in a new way and finds growth and healing for himself. For anyone coping with a crisis, this book tells the story of finding a spiritual path through the darkest of hours.

“You or a loved one may be staring your own crisis – cancer, stroke, job loss, diabetes, heart attack, home foreclosure – you name it. Regardless of the crisis, the potential for emotional and psychological upheaval is much the same . . . but this is not a story about hopelessness. Rather, our story traces a different path.” — Carlen Maddux

“The reader who travels with Carlen into the mysterious depths of human life, human tragedy, and human relationships will be led to reflect, to ponder, and to expand.  .  .  . I urge [you] to move into the maze and the mystery that is Carlen’s story, which may also lead you into deeper reflection on the maze and mystery of your own story.” — Rev. Dr. Arthur Ross III, from the Foreword

Mozart – In Concert and on CD

Greetings from Paraclete Recordings!

Gloriæ Dei Cantores presents one of the world’s classical masterpieces, Mozart’s Requiem, as well as a hidden gem, Britten’s The Company of Heaven, in celebration of the Feast of All Saints. Led by Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Richard K. Pugsley, this concert will be performed with full orchestra and world-class guest soloists Martha Guth, Soprano; Kathryn Leemhuis, Alto; Aaron Sheehan, Tenor; and Andrew Nolen, Bass. Concerts will take place October 28 & 29 at the stunning Church of the Transfiguration at Rock Harbor in Orleans, Massachusetts (on Cape Cod). This concert is sure to be a highlight in New England for classical music and fine arts lovers.  Click here for more details.
You can also follow Gloriae Dei Cantores on Facebook and Twitter.

More about Mozart!Mozart: Rare Choral Works

In a relatively short life, Mozart achieved “musical immortality” through an astonishing variety of responses to musical form and the human condition, through an unwavering adherence to classical ideas, and through an indomitable spirit that led him through difficult times despite his human foibles.

It is well known that Mozart was a precocious child with musical gifts beyond imagining, and his father Leopold toured him around the great courts of Europe. It was during one of these visits that Mozart’s incredible ear was discovered: after he listened to a performance of Allegri’s Miserere in the Sistine Chapel, he transcribed it perfectly onto manuscript paper.  Because this particular music was a closely guarded composition for the Vatican, Mozart’s transcription was kept under lock and key for no one else to see. Despite the grueling conditions of touring, Mozart gathered serious elements of sacred composition during this time from people like Padre Martini and other fine teachers in Italy.

What is likely not so well known is that Mozart also composed a substantial amount of sacred choral music in his lifetime, much more than the popular Requiem and Mass in C minor.

Misericordias Domini was written by Mozart while employed as a court musician in Salzburg, 1773–1777. During a trip to Munich in early 1775 to hear a performance of his opera Lafinta giardiniera, Mozart received a request from the Elector Maximillian III Joseph of Bavariato write contrapuntal music. Mozart accepted the challenge and set the liturgical text of Misericordias Domini to a single-movement chorus. With a spare orchestration of just strings and continuo, Mozart wrote this masterpiece of polyphony and counterpoint based on a single line of text. He alternates homophony and polyphony in the choral writing, while the orchestra interjects and supports the endless variety of musical and rhetorical responses to the text. The work alternates between the soft, solemn refrain of “Misericordias Domini” and the loud, more animated and melismatic polyphony of “cantabo in aeternum” (“I shall sing forever”).  There are strains of a familiar tune within Misericordias Domini which many consider a foreshadowing of the final movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony commonly referred to as “Ode to Joy” written in 1824, 33 years after the death of Mozart.  (from the Concert Program notes for Gloriae Dei Cantores concert, July 2014)

Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi

Start by doing what's necessary

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi!

To celebrate, we’re offering 30% off all books about the world’s most popular saint. We know of the great love Francis had for all of God’s creatures, so we are extending the offer to all books that celebrate our animal companions and all that they can teach us about the love of God. Use coupon code FRANCIS at checkout.