Finding Words of Healing

Words of healing coloring book

When the spirit or body needs healing, creative resources can bring peace to those who are ill and their family members.  For years Paraclete Press has provided grief and bereavement care materials to hospices, churches and funeral homes in the form of video and book resources.

Now we also have Words of Healing – A Coloring Book to Comfort and Inspire. This is a meditative coloring book with words of healing, prayer and comfort,  paired with scripture verses and a letter to color.

Last year, one of our employees stood by his brother’s side as he battled brain cancer. Simple, strong scriptures were an anchor for him.  Creative outlets were important for both him and his brother as they travelled a challenging road. He experienced firsthand the importance of spiritual strength as a much-needed friend  on the journey through the life-threatening illness and, ultimately, the death of a loved one. His experience became the inspiration for this book.

Words of Healing is also available in a coloring book / CD set, paired with the music of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.


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